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Add this beautiful loose incense to a smoulding cole disk to create a floral aroma to your room. This gorgeous incense is a powerful aphrodesiac and enables a great level of self love. The best natural oils combined with herbs and plants as well as pure intention and magick from a seasoned witch.

How to use this incense.

This loose incense can be used alonsgidelove spell casting to increase confidence and attract love. 

Burn during guided meditation to assist you on your journey. 

Use the smoke to cleanse tools or crystals used in self love and love castings.

Use as an offering to the deities of love and confidence.

Burn to relax if you enjoy floral incense aromas.



Benzoin Resin, rose oil, jasmine oil, rose petals, chamomile, clary sage, charged rose quartz. This is then meditated with and left under a lunar cycle to absorb all of nother goddess' love and intention.

SD. Aphrodite Loose Incense

  • All of Solstice Divine's products are vegan and cruelty free.

    ''If it harms none, do as ye will''


    Container 30ml

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