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Hello you lovely lot. I felt like I needed to write this post. I’ve met, worked with, created friendships with and removed myself from a lot of Wiccans, witches and pagans in my long history with the craft.

Yes a part of removing myself was due to the fact that I felt my path was solitary - maybe we didn’t share the same values. However a big part was this feeling that we were in competition with each other. This is absolutely not how it should be.

What do I mean by competition?

Well in my personal experience it came in two main forms. Who has the most knowledge and who had the most materials/items etc.

It really shouldn’t be like that.


• S U P P O R T • E A C H O T H E R •

Okay so I see a lot of this we are a sisterhood / brotherhood talk which is absolutely great for some. I personally love that thought process HOWEVER I know many solitary witches aren’t so into this and that’s absolutely fine.

That being said just because we don’t feel a need to work with, over share with or be in the presence of other witches, Wiccans and Pagans doesn’t mean that we can’t support each other.

Support can come in many ways - here is how I try to support and some are so very very simple.

• DONT • BE • A • TOOL •

If you don’t like how an altar is dressed, have different beliefs, disagree with something, have more experience keep it to yourself. You’re not bringing anything but negativity to the table - we have enough of that from none pagans and witches.


If you know something to be incorrect again don’t be a tool about it. Give friendly advice that someone can build on or no advice at all. If you have experience that’s amazing - I however don’t want to be associated with those with experience and zero class about it personally. This path can be a confusing one so help a witch out.


So you’ve perfected a spell or ritual and shared it on some form of social media or online community. That’s lovely, you’re proud. But can you really get precious if someone uses it and tells you how well it worked for them, or adapts it for their path. You. shared. it. on. a. public. forum. If you don’t want this - don’t share it.



If you go onto social media and you see other witches and pagans with all this witchy aesthetic and knowledge. Celebrate it. It’s likely they worked pretty hard to get there. I see as many people automatically dislike witches for making a success as I do witches not give the time of day to newbies. It just seems silly to me.

Let this fuel you in a positive way. Aspire to increase your knowledge. The physical stuff is secondary and honestly not what the craft is about anyway. Don’t automatically label them as sell outs for trying to make a living from their passion (this has happened to me many times) it says more about you than them.

Just as those shouldn’t get annoyed when people adapt things shared on public forum, if you share give a shout out to the person who originally created whatever it is you adapted from.

We are a wonderful community of sisters, brothers, solitaries, loners, maidens, Mother’s and crones (see what I did there). You don’t have to be all about the positive affirmations and the sharing - but surely it’s better to be quiet than mean?


It’s tough sometimes, I have definitely got annoyed, jealous or even taken a dislike to people in my past. But I strive to be better and a positive witch. Let’s not make it a competition.

• B L E S S E D • B E •

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