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Updated: Nov 10, 2018

I thought I’d do a post on how and why I do this? Maybe it will help others. Maybe some of you could add in the comments and share your knowledge and wisdom on this topic?


Im sure we have all heard of some form of meditation - usually where the goal is to go into a state where your mind is blank. You’re in a wonderful state of relaxation and you concentrate solely on your breathing.

This is excellent. The pros are it can work wonders with anxiety and is even used in some form to help those diagnosed with PTSD. It can recharge your batteries, make you feel at one with your surroundings and bring on an euphoric sense of calm.

The cons are it’s really quite hard to achieve. A lot of people don’t know how to, it take a LOT of practise and for some reason a lot of people expect to be taken on some sort of out of body experience. If this doesn’t happen they feel they have failed - THEY HAVENT.


Meditation with intention is quite different. The aim is to go deep within yourself, perhaps guided by your deities to find answers or a deeper understanding of a chosen topic. To gain inspiration regarding something you may have struggled with. It’s quite a powerful tool to have in your witchy bag of tricks.

• HOW • DO • I • DO • THIS? •

I thought I would share the process and reason why I last did this to make it easy. Please remember this is how I do it. Every witch, pagan and Wiccan is different - that’s what makes us awesome (if I do say so myself haha). There may be parts of this that really make sense to you and others that don’t as much. That is absolutely fine. Please feel free to take parts and make it your own.

• I last performed a meditation with intention as I wanted to create a spell/ritual to help a grieving process. Not to forget, never to forget. But to make the process easier.

• Firstly I put on a saved playlist I have created filled with both calming melodies and chants. This tends to help me get into the correct frame of mind. I use this same play list whenever I meditate with intention. The routine helps me.

• I then cast a circle. I do this to protect myself when I’m in this meditative state. Safety first. When meditating I tend to create a circle with white candles. As I’m lighting them I speak to my chosen deities asking them to surround me with love and protection as well as thanking them for this.

• I sit in the centre of my circle crossed legged with items in my hands that are relevant to the reason for the meditation. In this case I held a photograph of the person I loved and needed help with in one hand and the pen I use in my grimoire in the other. I find that holding these items really helps focus the thought process in the direction I desire.

• I then close my eyes, ask my deities for guidance and let my mind go into the direction I desire. Sometimes the “thought process” can seem odd at first. Like you’re being taken on a bit of weird journey. Sometimes it can take hours sometimes half an hour. Eventually I’ll get the answers or deeper understanding I seek. Sometimes I don’t like the answers but I accept them.

It may take a few times to get the hang of and that is absolutely fine. This is not something I could do straight away - but I’m glad I persevered as it’s something I use frequently now.


I really hope this helps some of you, if you have any questions or anything to add please do in the comments

• B L E S S I N G S •

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