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In many of my past blogs I have spoken about play lists or even listed them as equipment I use in a ritual. I believe creating an environment is so important when meditating, casting spells or performing rituals. One of the most effective ways of creating this environment is so easy. Music.

Music can create an energy you can tap into, create a feeling of power, calm, positivity, negativity ..... anything really. It has the power to totally change the environment and get you into the mind set you need, why wouldn’t you use it?

• FUN • FACT • 1 •

Anthropologists and sociologists haven’t found a single culture past or present that haven’t used music in some form.

Luckily we live in a time where music is so accessible, a couple thumb movements and presto you have beautiful music filling your room.

I am no music snob - I know plenty though haha. Spotify is as wonderful as record player (don’t tell them I said that). Don’t get me wrong like them I have a record player and there is nothing better than the feeling of vinyl between your fingers ..... but with Spotify I have the ability of creating playlists. (Which I have made and will share in this post). A huge library of all kinds of genres at my fingertips and I love it!

A simple song can create a mood. If you want some self love in your life because you aren’t feeling it do a self love ritual and play a song that creates an emotion. Love. This works for hexes too I guess (although that’s not my thing). Heck if you’re wanting to perform a binding spell music can put you in the right frame of mind for that too!

• FUN • FACT • 2 •

Our heart beats mimics the beat of the music we listen to. So music can literally pump us up or calm us down.

If you really think about it music is a series of vibrations - it’s energy. We use energy in our spells etc so it can literally help our magick. This is why we use chants. By creating a list of songs that create the vibrations and energy we need for our work we can enhance our abilities. Win win situation for witches!

Lets also talk lyrics - using lyrics you can set your intentions through music and chants. A lot of the time the chorus of a song is repeated and repetition is fundamental in really putting our intentions out there.

I am also a mover - when I perform certain rituals I feel the need to dance and feel the energy moving through my body. This is so easy to achieve with music playing. Whether it’s a simple drumbeat, my idol Stevie croning in the background or a full orchestra! By doing this you’re dedicating you’re entire being to what you’re doing - mind, body and soul.

• FUN • FACT • 3 •

Music is a great form of therapy - it’s used to help find memories with altzheimers, as well as fight anxiety and depression!

Okay so I have been asked in the past to share some of my Spotify play lists. I have absolutely no problem with doing that so I’ve listed them below. I really hope you enjoy these or that they give inspiration to create your own.

• JOIN • IN •

Here’s a little challenge for you, do you have any songs that resonate with you? That help you with your magick work? If you’re comfortable write them in the comments below and we can make our own playlist? Which I’ll post another day?

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