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If you didn’t know, we have our first mercury retrograde of 2019 coming up. This mercury retrograde in Pisces will be arriving March 5th and leaving us March 28th.

In this post I am planning to let you know some great ways you can take advantage of the mercury retrograde as well as ease any anxiety about it. I know the mercury retrograde gets a bad rep. But it does have an up side too!



Three times a year it appears that the planet mercury seems to be going backwards. Well from the vantage point of earth that is. FYI this is me trying to explain it in the simplest of terms so that everyone no matter their background in astrology can get an understanding. It’s pretty simple really, yet this has somehow been blown up as a time to be very careful as it could be bad luck.

• BUT • WHY? •

Im going to again make this as comprehensible as I can. And simple.

Okay so Mercury is seen to be the planet that rules information and communication (in mythology it is seen as the messenger so this makes sense). It’s also represents coordination.

Now during retrograde (ie moving backwards) we experience a shift in these things. Not necessarily bad luck but maybe less of an ability to communicate clearly, a feeling of off balance perhaps. Misinterpreting information even? Information and communication of that info is key here you may find that instead of mid directing you are able to communicate with your inner self stronger during this time too!

It kind of makes sense when you think about it.

• THE • DO’S •

✩ Always double check information.

✩ Protection spells - especially around cars and means of travel.

✩Mercury is associated with air - so elemental work using air is powerful.

✩ Cleansing spells are super effective during this period.

✩Meditate - communicate with yourself. You may get a deeper understanding of you. But remember to double check!

✩ Be very aware of how you communicate and how other communicate with you. Try to show patience this can be a confusing time.



• THE • DON’TS •

✩ Avoid any “negative witchcraft” the whole reversal aspect of retrograde could bite you in the bum.

✩ I tend to avoid working with specific deities during this time. Things can be taken literal what with the whole communication aspect of MR.

✩ Try not to make any extravagant purchases. We may be affected by mercury without realising and this can come in the form of confusion.

✩ Try to put off making business deals it signing new contracts until after the 28th. For the same reason as above


Mercury rules communication - so communication is massively affected by the retrograde. That’s why everything seems so out of whack as communication is key in everything we do.

If we spend this time keeping that in mind we should get a hold over it and be able to bask in the greatness of the mercury retrograde instead of finding ourselves rocking in a corner, weeping and planning on hibernation until the 29th.

This is a time to adopt patience, with both ourselves and others. Not everyone is as astronomically inclined as us. They may not even know what a mercury retrograde is let alone that it’s occurring so give them a break.

Allow their effected communication to slide over you and not effect your being. Trust me when I say they’re as annoyed with themselves as you. The difference is they have no idea why.


• HOW • TO • TAKE •



During the mercury retrograde logic is pretty much a forgotten concept. We rely heavily on our intuition during this time without even realising it. Why not take advantage and do some magick work around that. Burn lavender or lemongrass incense, drink chamomile or peppermint tea as these herbs really boost intuition and help achieve higher consciousness.


Maybe your eating habits leave a lot to be desired? Do you procrastinate on a daily basis? Maybe you’re a nail picker? Whatever it is you have a great opportunity during this time to change your habits. Think of it as positive self reprogramming. Meditate on what you want to change and make an active decision to work on this. Replace the less desirable behaviours with habits that serve you better. You have a better chance of sticking with it at this time.


As I’ve mentioned mercury retrograde is not known for its logic. In fact it gives us the opportunity to tap into that creative side of us. Utilise this. Maybe you’re having problems designing pages in your BOS, creating spells is becoming tedious or samey, maybe you just want to get artistic? I’m using this time to design my own oracle deck for my shop. Utilise it however you please.


So fear not - it’s not all bad. Hopefully this has helped you think of some ways to use this retrograde wisely. If you have any questions - the comment section is right below.

• B L E S S E D • B E •

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