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Okay a bit of background about me and Herbal Alchemy and then I’ll go into a bit of detail about the work I do. I am also going to include a case study of such so you can see what I work with and how I help. I have been qualified in herbal alchemy for around 3 years now. I have been steadily building up my own apothecary and growing my own herbs and plants where I can. Up until recently I used these skills and the knowledge I have gained for personal use. Assisting the curing my own ailments or those of my nearest and dearest.

Some of you may know how intrinsically I work with the moon phases. This also applies to my herbal alchemy in regards to the harvest and drying process!

In the area I live - People talk (not in a negative sense but a truly positive one) and about a year and a half ago I started receiving requests from people wanting to pay to get that bit of extra holistic assistance from me. Or people starting to research how much better the natural path is. I started agreeing to do this but was mindful that I also had a full time job too. I was able to build quite a regular customer base through word of mouth - I have never put anything on social media which in this day and age is magick! Shows how herbal alchemy really does work.

I have in the past year or so decided that this amongst other magick work is where my passion is and where I want to create a business, life and livelihood. I love helping and healing and I love my magickal path. So here goes.



I am in no way diminishing the important of biochemistry. I use it, I believe it’s necessary but I also believe a holistic approach can support it in wonderful ways!

The beauty of herbs are that they can help heal not only physically as in a cold, swelling, menstrual cramps etc - but they can help heal energetically. These wonderful herbs can be used in spells, meditation and rituals to heal us spiritually too!

The list of herbs and their properties is sooo long and they’re so many ways to use them this truly is a way of life that you have to keep on top of. But I adore it!



As you can imagine I won’t be mentioning names etc but I do have people coming to me looking for remedies that include both medicinal properties as well magickal ones. I shall give an example of both. Please bear in mind I’m writing this as simply as I can hoping that you’ll understand no matter your background!


A mother of a teenage girl approached me. Her daughter was suffering terribly with menstrual cramps. She had been to see the doctor, they advised birth control to help (which it totally does) but this lady wasn’t into the idea of blasting her daughter with foreign hormones if there was another way.

In this case I created a clary sage oil. This can be rubbed on the stomach area as well as diluted in the bath. I also advised mom to add fresh ginger to teas, meals etc as this is also a great healing herb in regards to menstrual cramp. Happy to say this has helped!


I am a solitary neo-wiccan however I do know some other witches. I was approached by a Dianic Wiccan who had been on her path for a couple years. This particular lady approached me as she really wanted to enhance her clairvoyance. She wanted to encourage visions. She had done her research and had started using crystals to help but wanted to know what else she could do to help with this. I created an oil with Anais to anoint the head before meditation.


I found an amazing quote I wanted to share with you about this topic by stanislas Klossowiski

“Alchemy is a rainbow bridging the chasm between the earthly and heavenly planes, between matter and spirt. Alchemy ..... penetrating the very secrets of Nature, Life, and Death, of unity, eternity and infinity”

• B L E S S E D • B E •

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