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❅ C R Y S T A L ❅ G R I D S ❅

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Hey all so I wanted to create a post that explains why crystal grids are wonderful to have. I know a lot of witches and none witches that have crystal grids in their homes because they think they are beautiful to look at or to display their chosen crystal of the moment - which they totally are!

However crystal grids are an amazing tool to use in your spells and on your altar too! As always I’m going to be writing why and how in a way everyone can understand no matter their background I’ll then go on to show you a couple of my favourite crystal grids.

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Many of us know that crystals are an amazing tool to be used. Each of them offering different healing properties depending on the type of crystal. Using a grid allows you to combine that healing energy with sacred geometry. This really gives your intention and the energy behind it extra oomph and the end results can be amazing.

A very brief explanation behind scared geometry - to put it as basic as I can it’s the combination of scared symbols, maths and geometry. The belief that all around us we are spoken to through shapes and those shapes hold meaning. The triangle for instance is used heavily in witchcraft as the symbol alternated for the elements and Sri Yanta. If used properly it can prove to be super powerful.


Select the crystals you want to use maybe they correlate to a spell your casting maybe a theme on your altar. Once they are selected (I usually use a minimum of 7 for a grid) cleanse them in whatever way you feel most comfortable with. I don’t have a constant way sometimes with sage, moonlight or incense. That’s completely up to you.


Before any placement it’s time to really focus on your grid. It may be sat right in front of you like my grids shown below or you might just be placing your crystals in a particular shape. Either way focus on the shape of your grid and really meditate on your intention. I also like to use this time to state it out loud usually 7 times whilst touching my crystal grid.


So one of the crystals you have selected should represent the main intention or focus of what you’re trying to achieve. For example if i were casting a protection spell I select black onyx as my anchor stone. Place your anchor stone in the centre of the grid. As you’re doing this it’s a good idea to repeat your intention again.


Now is the time to place your other stones around the anchor. When placing them try to put them where lines cross and ensure to keep them symmetrical. Not the stones but the lines you use. Whilst doing this I usually repeat my intention as a mantra in my head.


Once the grid has been set it’s really important to create a connection between it and you. To really connect with the energy. To do this I sit in front of it and take my time meditating. I envision my end goal and then give thanks for it. You can then either leave it on your altar (I usually don’t leave it any longer than a week) or carry on with your spell, really using that extra energy.

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❅ B L E S S E D ❅ B E ❅

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