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I guess this post is aimed at baby witches/Wiccans, maybe people that are in school and don’t have a huge budget to work with etc. You don't need a huge budget to bring in the new, the powerful or the aesthetically pleasing.


I wanted to reach out and talk about revamping your altar. The benefits of this and how it easy it can be.

I like many other witches, Wiccans etc dress my altar for specific reasons. Be it ostara coming up (I cannot wait to dress my altar with ostara vibes), working with a certain deity or even to correlate with a spell. It might even be that you're personal style has evolved and you want this to be portrayed on your altar too!

A lot of witches, Wiccans and Pagans have been practising for a long time and have businesses as well as a full time job so it’s a lot easier for them to be able to afford a good backlog of crystals, crystal boards, plants, cards, candles etc therefore it’s a lot easier for to swap their altar up. If you don’t have a good amount of materials/tools/experience please don’t let this deter you from rejigging your altar / crafting and adding some new into your practise. It really can jump start your practise.



Ever heard the phrase “a change is as good as a rest”? It’s so true - personally when I dress my altar or even move stuff around and change the lay out I always get inspired. This inspiration can come in the form of a new type of spell, a different combination of tools for a ritual or even something new for my shop. It doesn’t matter what form it takes the inspiration is there. The fire has been re-lit.

It might be that the altar set up that you currently have isn’t working for you, it might me that it used to but it’s not having the same effect and you find this effecting not only your magick but your ability or passion behind it. That’s fine - if you’re starting out sporadic readjustments are great. If you’re a seasoned witch like me the change resparks my love and gets me back into it.

I also find when working with deities creating new areas of dedication and offerings really strengthens my connection with them. I communicate easier as well as feel their guidance in a more powerful and direct way. This can only be seen as a positive thing as i strive to strengthen my connections with my deities.


• HOW • TO • REVAMP? •

There are many little changes you can make if you are working with a small budget or limited items.

Here are a couple of ideas for you but please make them your own ......


So that’s my altar currently in the pics - you can see the tree on the left that I clearly didn’t forage (its there for ostara) but on the left there is foraged greenery. I personally love putting foraged plants, pine cones etc on my altar and I love to change it up. So go in the woods, your garden wherever and start gathering beautiful pieces to add to you altar.


You don’t even need to add anything to your altar - just reorganising placements can really help. Working with the geometrical patterns that items are placed gives me great joy as I use sacred geometry heavily in my practise.


I have recently reworked my crystal grid - replacing the crystals and adjusting the placements in a ceremony to create a grid for abundance and monetary prosperity. Again I didn’t have to buy anything new for this it was a ritualistic change that has completely altered my altar.


At least once a month I remove everything from my altar and smoke smudge all the items individually. How I does this varies depending on the situation but usually I use sage or palo santo. I then reset intentions and replace on my altar. Sometimes in the exact same way sometimes in a slightly different way. The cleansing of the items not only boosts the energy and positivity of the individual items but the altar as a whole.


So I hope this helps and inspires you to revamp your altars and get creative. Any questions or other ideas, don’t hesitate to pop in the comments below.

• B L E S S E D • B E •

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