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Hi all, so I’ve not seen a great deal of posts on this and wanted to hit it so that new witches coming through looking into Wicca and eclectic Wicca at that have a basic understanding of the 5 points of Wiccan belief.

I’m sure that many of you know that there are many different Wiccan paths. All with their own beliefs, rituals, ethics and standards. Due to the amount of possible paths in Wicca the term “ECLECTIC WICCAN” has become a very popular one. I myself am a eclectic neo-Wiccan. The majority of eclectic Wiccans believe or work to the standard of the five points of wiccan belief. I say most so if you are one that does not, please don’t take offence. Wicca is a religion and like all others true Wiccans take their religion very seriously.

Before I go any further - yes I am talking 5 not 13. There are the “13 principals” but this tends to be aimed at all Wiccans not specifically to eclectics.


• T H E • P R I N C I P A L S •


The Wiccan rede is central in a Wiccan’s beliefs. It explains Wiccan ethics in its truest form. It is in fact not as short as most would think as it has been compressed for easier comprehension. It’s actually a guide to being a good person in my opinion. The part from it that most Wiccans and none Wiccans know and use is “an it harm none, do as ye will”.

I would like to add a little in here that I’ve never addressed. I see many none Wiccans question the “harm none”. I understand that, most people are under the presumption that as we believe in this we let bad actions go unchecked, we are all vegans, we literally harm nothing or we go against our beliefs. This isn’t in fact true. If you harm for sport that won’t fly, if you harm for food, for a purpose. As long as you restore balance or give thanks that’s fine. If you know of something or someone wronging someone, hurting someone and you do nothing because of this rule. More fool you. That is allowing harm to come to someone. We can take action here. I personally wouldn’t do this without the permission of the person I am helping however due to free will.


Commonly known as the threefold rule. This I guess is our version of karma. Whatever you put out into the universe will return to you times three. This can be positive or negative. All actions have consequences. If you take it will be gone til you replenish. If you do good to others, it passes on. It returns to you. We are powerful witches (mostly some do not practise witchcraft) in my opinion this is very important to our practise. It keeps us humbled and helps keep our beautifully planet balanced.

Some eclectic Wiccans believe this but not to the point of three. Some believe that energy is there, it cannot manifest or grow just moves from one place to another so stick to calling it the law of return rather than threefold.

• THE • ETHIC • OF •


We are responsible for our actions as Wiccans. No one can control us, can force us to do what we don’t want to or feel is wrong. By accepting this we open our hearts and minds to the law of three. We take the consequences of our actions. We are strong Wiccans, if you cannot come with this train of through maybe Wicca is not for you. This could fundamentally be why this point applies. To ensure that to become Wiccan you are strong enough to do so.

I want to make it clear, in wicca we don’t believe we can be coerced by deities. We can be guided, shunned even. But free will is paramount so the deities cannot control our actions. That’s all on us. It’s a big deal.

• THE • ETHIC • OF •


We are beings that are ever evolving, improving and learning. By we I mean humans not just Wiccans, not just pagans and witches but everyone. This thought is fundamental in wicca. We are a religion that calls to nature as it’s divine. We want to see the world around us flourish and improve. We want to see this in ourselves and our practise too! Be this by improving our knowledge and understanding, kindness and ethics, morals and responsibilities we want to move forward and gain that.

It is very common for Wiccans to see this particular point as a way to strive for racial acceptance, religious tolerance and an appreciation of art and history(taken from classroom synonym).

This is one of my favourite principals.

• THE • ETHIC • OF •


So this a super fancy way of ensuring that Wiccans are regularly in tune with the divine. What is the divine you ask? Well we believe there are three type of divine. The universe, the god and goddess (or in the eclectic world whatever deities you work with) and the divine self.

This one doesn’t need a huge heap of explanation. Connect with nature, work with her. Use her in your craft. Meditate, self analyse and improve your craft. Arm yourself with knowledge and practise in your witchcraft. Honour the gods and goddess’ and learn from their teachings.


So yeah I hope this sheds some light on our beliefs and even addresses some incorrect presumptions. As I said it’s mainly the eclectic Wiccan that concentrates on the 5 points. Specific paths tend to work with the 13 principals let me know if you’d like a post on this.


• B L E S S E D • B E •

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