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Image by Valeria Bukina

Pagan Services

As a high priestess and seasoned pagan practitioner I am blessed to be approached by many people for a number of pagan services. I am available to book for the following services. Click each section to find out more ....... 

Handfasting Ceremonies

A Pagan wedding ceremony is called a ‘handfasting’, and is a vow to love, honour and respect your partner. As a high priestess I can plan with a couple, hold space for and bless a hand fasting.

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Educational Talks

With a background in educational talks and history in public speaking I am available to book for your events workshops, talks and content creation.

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 Healing Sessions

Metaphysical healing comes in many forms, as a seasoned practitioner, counsellor, qualified crystal healer and herbal alchemist  you are sure to find a healing type suitable for you.

Coming in 2024

Divination Sessions

Divination uses multiple tools for the same purpose. I am gifted in aura reading, black water scrying and tarot.

Bookable services coming in 2024


Image by Valeria Bukina
Image by Lís Clíodhna

Maggie Mae

The ceremony was perfect and Alexia was absolutely instrumental to the spiritual and soul connection formed between me and my husband.
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