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Herb Index

There are so many different sources for herb correspondence now but how many can be trusted?
e have created an A-Z on different herbs and how they can enhance not only your practise but your day to day life!

Typically we tend to extract the Aloe liquid from inside the leaf and see it in many products but what about the magickal properties?
Aloe is great for it's healing properties. Many will slap it on a burn but this isn't new, it has been used for its healing and beautification for 6000 years!
You can create your own salve, skin care and hair care. Why not add some glamour magic to it too?

Angelica is a fan favourite, there is no part of the plant you can't use and this is utilised fully in the magical world. Named after an Archangel its one of the most versatile herbs.
Wow does Angelica provide a protective punch, great for protective spells! This is a rare herb that can also be used in divination as well as burned (either alone or in a mix) to alleviate anxiety and stress.

An absolutely beautiful herb that appeals to many aesthetically. But it's not just a pretty face, Anise is wonderfully powerful and can really add to your practise.
Used regularly in protection and luck castings it gives that oomph. If you're on a journey to enhance your psychic abilities this should definitely be in your armoury, even if you're just burning it close by to your divination practise. 

Also know as the pimento berry may face some upturned noses in the witch world but why? This wonderful berry can not only protect you from yourself but from others too!
Use it to help you take the hard steps in order to break bad habits and leave what no longer serves you. This can also be used to protect yourself and your workings from the negative influence of other people and their castings. Creative a protective jar for your altar with it in for example.

Some call this St Jospeh's Wort and is often something easily accessible in the kitchen but did you know just how magical this 'kitchen herb' is?
A wonderful herb to use for love and communication, a staple in most witches spells. This is great herb to heal relationships (all kinds) and open that line of communication. Have you ever made a herbal tea set with intentions? Maybe now is the time.

A beautiful big leaf many of us have seen accompany our dinner but also one of the most versatile herbs magically speaking.  
Great for healing, luck, dream work, clairvoyance and aiding Bay has got it going on!
Its also the perfect size to write an intent or drawn a sigil hint hint.

Bit of a wild card I know as this isn't grown naturally, usually you have to make it but boy is it worth it so I had to include in the index.
Think of the protection you get from salt but times that by a really big number! Perfect to add to spells, jars or protection circles.

Calendula is known in the world of deities to be a great offering to those that would in love and this is reflected in its magical properties outside of deity work. 
This is also a very prophetic herb, great to use in sleep bags for prophetic dream work and lucid dreaming.
Calendula also has some wonderful healing properties, easy to make into a salve or tea.

A well known herb for tea drinkers but so much more. Chamomile promotes wisdom and boosts energy work.This herb is also used frequently for past life work. 
You can use chamomile to remove hexes as well as a sleep sedative. Works very well for those that need an extra hand getting rest.

Used frequently to honour deities, but lavender is used in herbal alchemy for pace, tranquilly and calm. This wonderful plant can relax the mind and soul. 
Used often in night time rituals for aid in sleeping it can also be used as incense or in an oil. 
Lavender is also associated with luck, so why not try adding it to spells with this intention to amplify them?

A lucky herb for sure and we taste something minty most days but what else?
Mint is great for stregth and protection. Think of it as a battery for courage and the will to fight and move forward on your personal journey.
Do you have any subconscious fears? Yo would have no idea but mint can help with that.

Connected to St John the Baptist there is a heavy history linking mugwort with protection so using this herb in protection spells or products is a great idea but thats not all.
Mugwort is great to use in all things sleep/dream
related. Prophetic dreams, ease of sleep, vivid dreaming and lucid dreaming. You can even use in dream manifestation.

Another common herb a lot of people have access to, this herb is a great purification herb especially in smoke form. 
Rosemary can also be used to cleanse and clear the mind so that you have an improved sense of focus and purpose. Keeping springs of rosemary in a space of work is often encouraged. 

You will see sage used all over the place to cleanse and purify spaces and cast our negativity, this works but please dont think it is the only herb that does there are so many. White Sage is often a topic in cultural appropriation debate - if you're not sure dont use it. There are many alternatives.
What else does sage do? Sage is used often to the raise vibrations - to create a happy, prosperous and positive environment.

Valerian is a herb that has been used forever in a medicinal way. A natural gateway to pain relief and increased sleep. For this reason it can be used magically to promote the ease of pain be that physical, mental or spiritual as well as for dream based castings. 


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