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A Pagan wedding ceremony is called a ‘handfasting’, a handfasting  is a vow to love, honour and respect your partner.


Unfortunately Pagan handfastings are not recognised as a legal ceremony in the UK but this does not mean that your hand fasting cannot be a deeply spiritual, connecting ceremony between partners. 

As a High Priestess with years of experience I am honoured when a couple comes to me for guidance and support so that they may create sacred safe space for their handfastings. 

Together we can create the perfect ceremony for you and your partner. 

This could be a truly religious experience if you are practising pagans of faith, or a deeply spiritual nature based ceremony if you are not. 

In your ceremony you will bind hands with a sacred chord (colour correlation and type is something I can help with) and jump the broom (besom type is also something I can advise on).

There are a variety of ways you can create your hand fasting, it is of course your special day but it can be overwhelming and you may know you want a hand fasting without knowing exactly what that entails. 

Whether you have a clear vision in your minds eye or need that support along the way we will work together to ensure that your handfasting is exactly what you want. 

Prices vary on the type of package you want but handfastings tend to be the cheaper option in comparison to other ceremonies. 

Please do not feel stressed or anxious, I am a message away and am happy to discuss what it is you're looking for and your budget without any obligation. Link to contact at the bottom of page.



''Recently myself and my now husband had a joint Handfasting and wedding. The Handfasting was conducted by Alexia Costadina who is high priestess of the coven of the moon and tide, a respected traditional witchcraft coven located in the Midlands (UK). 

Alexia was wonderful from the very start of the process, keeping in close contact with myself and working with myself and my husband to make sure the ceremony she conducted was reflective of our beliefs and true to the path we walk. 

As we had our wedding earlier in the day, many in attendance to our Handfasting were not pagan, Alexia did a wonderful job of explaining to our guests what we were doing and why the different elements of the ceremony represented before starting and before we both entered the circle, this was perfect and it made everyone feel included while ensuring the ceremony had the respect and gravitas it warranted.

The ceremony was perfect and Alexia was absolutely instrumental to the spiritual and soul connection formed between me and my husband.''



Editor of Coire Ansic pagan magazine


For more information or general enquiries about hand fasting 

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