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Crystal Index

There are so many different sources for crystal correspondence now but how many can be trusted?
e have created an A-Z on different crystals and how they can enhance not only your practise but your day to day life!

There are many types of Agate. It is a wonderful grounding and transformative stone.Use Agate to remove negative energies and cleanse both your physical, mental and spiritual self. A crystal that helps improve balance and clarity. Great for those who's mental well being might need some looking at.
Blue Lace Agate also comes with powerful healing capabilities especially linked to the throat.
Fire Agate is a powerful sensual stone aiding sexuality.
Moss Agate aids self work and is a great birthing stone

A crystal that brings about balance and calm. Amazonite enables and aids you to have balance with your masculine and feminine energies, your dark and light. 
Protective against electromagnetic pollution this is great stone to have on your person. 
If you are recovering from or learning to live after trauma this may be a good stone for you, Amazonite will enable you to see with perspective in a calm way. 

Amethyst is a well known favourite and for good reason. A great stone for protection especially protection of your vibration. Want to start meditative practises, try using an amethyst in this practise. Known to calm a scatterbrain and focus your thought processes.
If you feel your spiritual side is no longer in tune with your physical and mental Amethyst can also help with this. 
Generally Amethyst is positive stone promoting love and unity, who doesn't want that around.

The name kind of gives it away huh - this crystal helps you gain contact with the angelic guides. Awakens your consciousness and enhances your psychic capabilities. Think all thinks peace and love with Angelica. Brining calm and tranquility. A spa in a stone if you will but for your spiritual side.
Angelica is often used to facilitate out of body experiences, perhaps a stone to look for if astral projection is something that interests you.

Unravel and heal whatever past trauma you live with, with this wonderful grounding stone. Truly connected to all things earth this crystal can unblock leylines and work in a positive way unblocking your root chakras. 
This crystal brings you back to center and helps you make sense of process. Embrace stability and emotional balance. 

The prosperity crystal, but thats not all. Aventurine aids control or the taking of it. Enables decision making and the clarity to do this in a positive way. 
Do you feel your creative juices are dwindling? Aventurine can 
help promote this whist ensuring you keep balance.
A great healer of the heart this can also be used in correspondence with heart chakra work. 

Truly  healing there are a lot of links to the cleansing of blood. That aside bloodstone is great for guidance and protection. 
Great to increase your intuition and understanding of spirit, this might come in the form of self confidence in your decisions. If you find yourself in unfamiliar waters this stone can bring you back to centre and make sense of the unknown.

Think of calcite as a microphone it will magnify your workings, your intentions, your practise
But thats not all this stone comes in many forms, many colours. Each colour contributing to cleanse. As a group you can achieve a complete cleanse of the body, mind, soul and environment.Can work with all chakras and are used regularly in chakra crystal sets.
This cleanse and removal of negativity will leave you in a state of calm.

An anchoring stone, carnelian helps you not only understand but embrace your present.A particularly powerful stone when it comes to understanding the passing of life and how it leads to whatever you believe in.
Fun fact Carnelian can also be used to cleanse your other crystals!

A beautiful sun stone, if you feel your energy needs protecting and you need some oomph in your life then citrine is the stone for you!
Well known for it impact in the world of abundance this is a great stone to use for manifestation and prosperity. Sharing is caring and Citrine likes to share positive prosperity.

A stone known for its work in blissful relationships. Emerald is renowned for bringing in and maintaining positive, communicative partnerships. A great stone for heart chakra work as although this impacts all relationships its especially potent in areas of the heart and romantic love. 
Also a good stone for psychic work especially if you are looking to grow these capabilities. 

Looking to do some deep self work but want to ensure youre protected whilst you do? Fluroite is the stone for you. This wonderful stone protects your psyche whilst it grounds you and allows you to consciously look at yourself and how you can grow. 
great stone to aid the breaking of toxic patterns and giving you the strength to move forward in your journey. Great for positive mental health.

A strong protection stone Garnet can not only ward off negativity but identify it.
Helping to bring balance into a fragmented reality Garnet is a powerful stone for those who are recovering from trauma and are looking for the courage to continue their growth
Into Kundalini? Try utilising Garnet, great for your sex life.

A protective stone that packs a punch. Protective of the mind, body and spirit. This wonderful stone can build a protective band around you so that negativity cannot penetrate. 
Wanting the best for you Hematite can give you the strength you need to battle addition, overindulgence and anything that does not serve you or you do not deserve.
Use Hematite to bring back harmony and balance to your journey.

A stone to bring calm of mind and body. Even subsciously Howlite can help eradicate stress and aid patience. Great for anyone that is finding peaceful sleep a challenge.
Howlite is a great tool for subscious journey, opening your mind to receiving knowledge and moving between dimensions.
If you are looking to begin meditative practise holding Howlite can ease the mind to support this.

Jade is a great stabiliser. A stone to support the calming of the mind to look at any task in a balanced way.  Closely connected to the heart chakra, Jade can enables you to accept and reciprocate love and abundance. 
For those that are struggling to live in their truth Jade can aid the journey to your true self. To accept you flaws and all whilst offering protection.
There are many types of Jade and all come with their own niche properties.

Another stone that comes in many varieties but the core properties of Jasper is nurture. A true healing stone that brings unity and balance to your life as whole.
Used regularly by shamans Jasper aids spiritual journeys and can enhance dream castings. 
A stone that promotes unity keep Jasper to rid your environment of angst and conflict. 

Want to tune your frequency on a higher level? Kyanite is perfect for this which is why it is used so often in meditative practises. Brilliant for manifestation this stone aids thought into reality.
Linked with the throat chakra Kyanite will enable you to speak your truth and general improve communicative skills in you and people around you
A great stone to implement cause and result .... understanding the big why.

Labrodorite is great for energy work and energy healing. A stone that is as practical as it is beautiful.
A great barrier stone to the negative whilst protecting the positive energy and preventing it from dissipating. 
Use labradorite to raise your consciousness and unlock psychic abilities as well as aid any transformative work - a great stone to keep during the process of change. Why? It prepares the body and soul for ascension.

When you think Lapis Lazuli think third eye. A great companion for the journey to enlightenment and self realisation.  To get there you need calm and balance and this is something lapis luzuli can help with. It is a great eradicator of stress and anxiety. 
Learn more about you, from deep within and use this stone to guide you. As an amplifier Lapis Lazuli will encourage and draw from spiritual thinking.

Malachite is an amplifier and will amplify the positive and negative, the darkness and light. If used correctly Malachite is one of the most potent healing stones but please handle with caution.

Moldavite is a tektite formed from a earth bound meteorite. Moldevite brings with it the power of the earth and space which is why it is so powerful and rare. It is also why so many fake versions are out there so buy with caution. 
Moldevite has the capabilities of bringing you, your energy and even your other crystals to their highest possible vibration but this is something no one should jump into without preparation. You will have a cosmic overhaul and thats no joke.

As you probably guessed moonstone is connected to the moon and this is what leads it to be there stone of change. Understanding the cycles of life and the ability to embrace them. 
Moonstone is closely linked with intuition and the feminineGreat to aid the acceptance of female energy and attune psychic gifts.
Try wearing moonstone as a pendant for this.

Fun fact Obsidian is lava that cools rapidly and its effects work just as quickly. It is not scared to point out exactly what is causing harm no matter the consequences. It doesn't care for your feelings in that moment just that you reach where you are meant to be. 
A great blocking stone, especially blocking that which no longer serves you. Use only when you feel the need for the guidance you know you need but aren't able to do solo.

Onyx is a power stone, great if youre looking for strength and support. 
Clearing up memories and inspiring self esteem.You will feel centres when using onyx and the past will become clearer so will the understanding of how to use this for the future.
If youre looking into past life or ancestry work Onyx is definitely a stone to look into.

Opal provides a highly feminine touch. Feeling like consciousness brought by a spirit guide, angel, deity whatever you work with. Your psyche is being nurtured with this stone.
This provides a centred way of living and a spiritual outlook on the physical. A light bearing stone, this will feel warm and illuminating but will also bring to the surface that which needs transformation. 
There are many types of opal all which comes with their own distinct characteristics to complement this.

A very common stone purchased by crystal collectors but that doesn't dim its power. In fact quite the opposite, Quartz is the most healing and amplifying crystal out there. Often used to accompany other crystals with their properties for that added oomph.
The rainbow is a quartz reflects the ideology that there is nothing that this crystal cant help with in regards to healing. All the chakra points, and at such a high vibration.
Definitely a staple stone.

Rhodenite is the ying yang of the crystal world. If youre looking for balance and with that balance seeing the perspective of other people this is the stone for you. 
Rhodenite does this in a soft and supportive way, its aims are to bring that balance not shock into submission. This stone is definitely for those looking to be more whole in their mindset and less narrow minded. Rhodenite inspires forgiveness in its discoveries not conflict. 
Great for those looking into shadow work.

A stone for clarity and cleansing. A stone that promotes calm and serenity. 
Selenite is perfect for 
anything psyche. Spirit work, psychic abilities, meditation all of these can be enhanced with selenite.
Selenite is also a very delicate but protective stone which is why so 
many use it in protective crystal grid formations. 
A great stone if you are looking to protect your space whist doing some deep work within.

The stone of truth - sodalite works in unison with the pineal gland. Working with your subconscious and raising to you to a place of absolute truth of self and universe. 
This stone is a true mind stone not 
only working with the subconscious to raise your vibration but in calming the mind. Great for anxiety and the calming of stress. Sodalite brings rationality to an otherwise irrational mind.
Another great crystal for shadow work.

The name gives it away.....sunstone is all things light, warmth and restoration. 
If you are feeling out of luck, in the dark or have forgotten your way sunstone will bring back that joy and remind you of your purpose. 
A stone to promote 
independence in a healthy way. Providing an out from those unhealthy dependant relationships and finding a deep sense of self love. Great for works in the area of self improvement and love.

A grounding stone that utilising both earth and sun energy, think of its potency! Extremely connected to the third eye this stone enhances all psychic abilities in a balanced and proportioned way.
Well known as a protective stone Tigers eye is particularly effective in protection from psychic attack, curses, hexes and ill intent. 
Use Tiger's eye is if you need to reason with logic over fantasy. What you can and should aim for versus what you want and shouldn't. 

A transformative and protective stone, often used for ritual protection and by shamans.
It can also be thought of as your crystal compass, always pointing you in the best direction even if it doesn't seem it at the time. It will help rid you of feelings of worthlessness, ineptitude and shame and enable you to feel empowered and bold. Ready to take on the cleansed energy it provides. 
Great for garden witches as it encourages crop growth.

Seen often in amulets for a reason, turquoise is quite the protective stone and has been used as such for centuries. Said to ward off ill intent and danger this is not just a decorative jewellery piece.
Turquoise is also very effective for connection to the sprit and spirit work. Use during meditation to connect to where you are meant to be.
Turquoise unlocks the throat chakra enabling the smooth communication  you can try to keep this on you during a Mercury retrograde.

Want to improve your skills with vision then Unakite is the stone for you.
Unakite can be used not only to enhance your psychic abilities and 'sight' into the unseen but can be used a powerful scrying stone.
Also a great stone to bring calm and peace to an environment. Removing negative blockages and allowing a fluid positive place to be.


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