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Coven of the Moon & Tide

CM&T @ Festival

The high priest of the Coven of the Moon & Tide is on the council for the festival for pagans and witches. They have their own marquee here. The next festival will be in September 2023. For more info clock HERE. In this marquee they will be hosting many workshops on a variety of topics to educate, empower, and enlighten the community. 

The Coven of the Moon & Tide will also be performing sacred nighttime rituals at the Festival that you can book on too.

To book admittance tickets, workshops places and night time ritual places visit

The Coven of the Moon & Tide are a large Midlands based coven. The Coven of the Moon & Tide are a closed traditional British coven following the teachings of ancient texts, formidable previous practitioners.

The Coven of the Moon and Tide this group of witches/pagans aim to educate the community on paganism, spirituality and how this ancient sacred way of life can better the community.

The CM&T are not only a private practising coven, they offer opportunities for education to others and work hard to collect donations to help those in need of support.

CM&T Online


To further the opportunity to educate, enlighten and empower the Coven of the Moon & Tide have created an instagram  and Facebook community. Here you can meet the coven members, learn from the informative posts and keep updated with future events.

To go to the CM&T IG page click


To go to the CM&T FB page click 


CM&T Full Moon Circles

The Coven of the Moon and Tide are teaming with Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens a charitable trust to offer traditional and healing full moon circles to the public.

The next full moon circles will be Friday 29th September 2023. For more info and to purchase tickets ....... CLICK HERE

CM&T Member

The Coven of the Moon & Tide are currently closed to member enquiries

We as a coven run curriculum circles and a traditional initiation process of a year and a day.

We will be open in future but are currently working on the paths of existing members. 


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