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Coire Ansic

Coire Ansic is a new zine launched in the early months of 2022.

Although small currently, Core Ansic is hoping with more issues and as word of mouth spreads to encourage more people within the community to join in the expression of knowledge and ideas, no matter how far along their journey they find themselves. 

Core Ansic is not produced for profit, with no contributors doing so for financial gain.  Just the love of their craft and joy in knowing they are helping stop he flow of misinformation that is at its best unhelpful and worst dangerous. 


Solstice Divine is a regular contributing author to this wonderful zine and plan to continue this in the future. Maggie Mae the author has however worked hard and successfully gathers wonderful writers from all pagan/occult denominations and faiths to bring information for all.

To purchase the latest of backdated copies of this zine click HERE






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