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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world?

''For me, it's empowering and healing in as natural and holistic way as possible, to empower others with knowledge and lead a magical harmonious life. To honour the ancient ways and ancestors that came before us, sacrificing so that in some way these practises and ways of life can live on. It is for this reason that I have started Solstice Divine. I have found such a sense of fulfilment in my own life by discovering and studying herbal alchemy, crystal healing, and paganism, though it hasn't always been easy. The negative connotations associated with Wicca, witchcraft and a holistic approach to life have been hard to overcome but I needed to set the record straight with information, and hopefully help others with my products and services.''


Alexia-Costadina, founder and owner of Solstice Divine, is also the High Priestess of the Coven Of the Moon and Tide. A Birmingham based coven. Their aims to change the indoctrinated mind set of the vast majority when it comes to the pagan way. A coven on a specific path with ancient times.

Alexia-Costadina also works hard to educate those with an open heart and mind, standing headstrong against those deliberately using this path for the wrong reasons and inviting them to join for the honourable ones. 

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